About Us


Creating The Unknotted was a very personal experience. When my sister announced she was ending her unhappy 23-year marriage we had many feels. While she mourned the failure of her marriage she also eagerly anticipated her newly found freedom. As her sister, I wanted to support her journey. As an incurable party planner and lover of all things creative, I wanted to make this rite of passage memorable and empowering. But as we searched the internet for ideas we quickly realized that while there were plenty of professionals to help with the process of divorce, very few options existed for those who wanted to celebrate it. Realizing that other women must feel the same we founded The Unknotted to help divorcees embrace the next chapter of their happily ever after.



We wish to thank the folks at the lovely McCormick Family Ranch in Camarillo California, Red Door Events, Mia Bella Chiavari and Juliet Brown Photography for the generosity they showed us during our photo shoot.  If you happen to be in the area and find yourself in need of their services please check them out!